Musical Director

Victor Serghie

Victor Serghie was born in in the city of Harbin, Manchuria, to Russian/Romanian parents. He began studying violin at the age of six attending the Harbin Institute of Music. In 1956 his family migrated to Australia where he continued taking private violin lessons. To further his violin education, he joined the Sydney Conservatorium in 1963. As an added interest he decided to take up the saxophone and became an accomplished performer of both instruments in various clubs and restaurants throughout Sydney.

In 1967 Victor Serghie first discovered Russian folk music after being invited to conduct a string ensemble and choir for a Russian concert. Over the years he became more and more interested in this type of music and instruments and is self-taught in the art of playing domra. He soon formed a small folk ensemble and from these beginnings, enlarged and consolidated the group into the present day orchestra of 30 musicians (2017).