Concert at Burrawang in October 2019

Date published: 1970-01-01
School of Arts and Poster

Not far from Sydney in the Southern Highlands, near Fitzroy Falls, is the enchanting little village of Burrawang. On the 19th of October the SBO gave its first concert there in the School of Arts. We often find that some of the orchestra’s most appreciative audiences are in the countryside, and so it was in Burrawang. The School of Arts is not a large building and the stage was even smaller. Fortunately not the whole orchestra was able to attend otherwise there would not have been room for them on the stage.

Small but exact fit of staged stage

“Space is often a problem,” said musical director Victor Serghie. “We have played in smaller places than Burrawang, but we managed to fit in – somehow!”

Quality local promotion art poster

The organisers had done a great job of publicising the event, with many posters around the town, and graciously prepared a fantastic lunch and superb supper for the performers after the concert.

Being a Southern Highlands resident, orchestra mezzosoprano, Sophia Markovtzev, found herself singing on home territory. She started off with an old favourite, ‘The Slender Rowan Tree,’ followed by ‘Kadril,’ ‘Field Grasses,’ ‘From Russia with Love’ and others.

Lucy Voronov, as always, delighted the audience with her virtuoso cimbalom playing, but even during the interval she attracted a crowd of onlookers as she tried to tune her instrument. With over 70 strings, it takes quite a time! Indeed, many members of the audience had never heard the orchestra before, or seen what to them, must have been strange instruments. “I had no idea some of these instruments existed,” said Eva, who had come all the way from Canberra.

“As a young girl, I was brought up in Burrawang where my father was the local School Teacher. It was so great to see the School of Arts again. Even better knowing it is still being put to good use. A fantastic sound and a fantastic afternoon. Thank you SBO,” she said.