Spring Edition


October 2017

Issue 24/2017

Cool Chapel at Singleton

Gardens surrounding the Sacred Chapel

On 20th August, the SBO climbed into a bus and drove up to the Lower Hunter valley to give our second concert in Singleton.

Our last concert there was a couple of years ago and was probably our hottest concert ever! I am referring of course, to the (thermal) temperature. On that day in February, Singleton sweltered at 41°C degrees!

Accordians and Bayan

This time it was the polar opposite. When we arrived in Singleton towards the end of winter, the figures were reversed … at 14°C!

What did not change was the warmth of the reception culminating in a standing ovation. 200 people took their seats in the convent chapel of the Sisters of Mercy. With more than 140 pre-sale tickets, it is clear that our reputation had preceded us. And the audience seems to be longing to have us back, but they may have to wait. But it is clear that we have established a following in the Lower Hunter valley.

A wedding at the Chapel

For musicians, it is a real pleasure to play in this chapel because the acoustics are absolutely superb. Acoustics is an inexact science, as any sound engineer will tell you. Too dead, and that's what a performance sounds like - dead. No reverberation. No atmosphere. Russian folk music really does need to give a haunting impression of the endless, icy steppes.

Tanya Jephtha, prima domra, showing her skills
Oliver Rathje takes a bow

This chapel's acoustics give the perfect balance both in summer and winter and after both concerts, there were no complaints from any musicians about not being able to hear themselves or their fellow players - and that doesn't happen very often. We are longing to play there again.

The Orchestra in 'Full Swing'

Concerts in 2018

Wyong Art House (Central Coast, NSW)
Saturday , March 10, 2018 Concert starts at 2.30 pm
Wyong Art House
19-21 Cnr. Anzac Parade and Margaret Street,
Wyong NSW 2259
Bookings not open until December 2017
Ticket Purchases: On Line
Phone 02 4335 1485
Enquiries 02 4335 1485

Sutherland Music Society
Tuesday, 13th February 2018 Concert starts at 7:30 pm
Sutherland School of Arts
East Parade, Sutherland NSW 2232
Contact: Lynne or Hans Buchman
Phone 02 9521 7170

Under negotiation - 2018
Illawarra - Shellharbour City Auditorium
Canberra - Multicultural Folk Festival
Ulladulla - Entertainment Centre


The SBO is always seeking to perform at new venues and maybe you know somewhere that we can visit and introduce a new audience to our beautiful Russian folk music. If you come up with any ideas please contact:-
Bruce Barker (President of SBO)- 0418 402 712