And what does it feel like if you are a performer? The SBO’s principal prima domra player Tanya Jephtha who graduated from the Russia’s Voronezh Academy of music, said “some members of the audience say after the performance that they just want to sing and dance. Well in this upbeat environment, we in the orchestra also want to sing and dance. I have been with the orchestra now for six years and often after concerts I still feel the adrenaline rush”  

Sophia-2015-1.jpgSophia Makovtzev and orchestra

Lucy Voronov (cimbalom) who is no stranger to performance also admits to an adrenalin rush on stage. ‘Each time I perform, I feel nervous & worried’. And it's not just me. It’s the same with all our musicians. So after a successful concert you have a wonderful feeling of satisfaction; emotion mixed with a feeling of joy.”